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    From Out of the Box to An Online Listing at HeyViv.com

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    We get new products weekly and I thought it would be interesting to show the steps we take from unpacking the merchandise box to getting a new item listed on HeyViv.com.   Let's start with something we got in this week from Voodoo Vixen - the Red Daisy Shirt.

    When new merchandise comes in, like this Red Daisy Top,  we open the box and check the invoices.  We take the garment out of the packaging for a good look and put it on a dress form to get an idea of how the fabric fits and stretches, and how the sizing runs. Here's our chance to look at the details. 


    The next step is to take pictures of the top, edit the pictures, and think about the presentation in the online listing. How can we present the shirt to the right customer, encourage them to picture themselves in the Red Daisy Top, and make the purchase. We also measure, weigh (for the checkout), and make notes on fabric, special features (like the daisy trim).


    Now that we have all the prep work done it's time to write the listing for the Hey Viv ! online store.  We need a title and it's got to tell us what the item is and  have keywords for search engines because we want people to find our new Red Daisy Top.  The description has to be enticing yet to the point - bullet points help.   And it has to be correct !  We double check everything we write.  Mistakes means unhappy or confused customers and returns.  Here's where we use the notes from the step before and add in the fabric, brand, measurements, and features.  And then double check again :)

    So, are we done?  Well almost.  The Red Daisy Top from Voodoo Vixen has to be promoted on our social networks, in Google ad campaigns, and listed on other online markets.  But that's a story for another time.....


    What's in Your Purse ?

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    Pill Box Hats & Gloves Go Together

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    Dating Advice from the 50's

     I laughed when I read this advice years ago but you know, it stuck with me.  "Going on a date? Bring a dollar and a dime."  This is from a handbook on dating do's and don'ts from the 1950's.  I think the dime was to call home and the dollar was to take the bus [...]

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    When Hearts Invade the Photo Studio

    I was in the photo studio today setting up for a product shoot with vintage jewelry that just came in.  I use a photo cube with side and top lighting for small items like jewelry.  The cube is easy to put up, take down, and is portable which is a plus.  So, I placed the [...]

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    How Red Set the Scene at the Amendment 18 Photo Shoot

    When setting up for a photo shoot outside the photo studio and choosing the clothing to bring I have to consider the place where we are shooting, the atmosphere, the lighting, and the background.  Amendment 18 is a basement club set up like a 20's speakeasy.  It has low intimate lighting and the colors are subdued warm [...]

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    Valentine Hearts at Hey Viv !

    Happy Valentines Day !  We've been putting together our Valentine Special Page on the website and I thought I'd tell the story behind one of our special Valentine Heart Necklaces.I met Jen Macaluso-Ciraolo of Hey, Dollface at an Art, Craft show in Staten Island and was immediately impressed.  Jen made and showed cute jewelry in colors that gladdened my [...]

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    Visit to the Rutan-Beckett House - a 50's Time Capsule

    Stepping Back in time - I was recently invited to visit the Rutan-Beckett House in Conference House Park and meet with John Kilcullen , the Conference House Park Director. We discussed collaborating on 1950's themed projects at this wonderful time capsule home.The Rutan-Beckett House, built about 1850, remained in the Rutan family until 1910, but after a [...]

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    Prepping for a Pin Up Photo Shoot at the Paramount Theater

    I  was recently invited to provide the retro clothing and styling on a pinup photo shoot with photographer Christine Cruz, model Audrey Green Eyes, and hair stylist Fabiana of Fab Hair at the Paramount Theater in Staten Island.  The Theater opened in 1930 and was one of Staten Island’s grandest movie palace. It's constructed in the art [...]

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