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    Classy Holiday Giveaway at Hey Viv !

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    Dress for a “Classy Holiday with Hey Viv ! “

     Enter to Win a set of Pearls, Red Velvet Evening Bag, Black Satin Gloves, and Sheer Scarf.

    You'll be ready for the Party ! Just add a little black dress...

    Photo Shoot at the Paramount

    Photo Shoot at Paramount Theater in Staten Island Hey Viv ! was recently invited to be part of a photo shoot at the historic Paramount Theater in Staten Island. This 1930's deco movie palace is a perfect spot for a vintage inspired shoot and the decorated walls make a dramatic back drop.  The theater has [...]

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    Sweater Guards - Classics Made in the USA

    Did you know ? Our Vintage Inspired Sweater Guard Clips are made in the USA exclusively for Hey Viv !      They are made by hand, made with care, made by a husband and wife team, and made by a small business that we have a relationship with. When we started looking for a place [...]

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    Hearts & Roses - a Vintage Inspiration

    Just got in a shipment of Black Velvet, Red Velvet, and Cherry Print Clutch Purses from Hearts & Roses. And boy, are they cute !        I first met H&R at a show at the Javits Center in NYC.  I was impressed by their line of vintage inspired dresses and skirts [...]

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    Having Fun with Gift Sets

    Love it when I get to use my imagination and have a little fun.  Since the holidays are coming up I decided to put some Gift Sets together using our retro accessories, scarves, and applique socks. They can be a treat for you or given as a gift.  To get  inspiration I turned to Instagram.   I [...]

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    How to Tie A Vintage Scarf

    Recently I was lucky enough to find a big box of vintage scarves.  As I sort through it, I've been busy researching and finding out more about the scarf brands such as Carole Little, Burmel, Honey, and Zazou.  These brands have been around for a long time and there is so much to learn !One [...]

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    Peter Pan Collar History

    Peter Pan Collar and Blouses have been popular for many years. "A Peter Pan collar is a style of clothing collar, flat in design with rounded corners. It is named after the collar of Maude Adams's costume in her 1905 role as Peter Pan, although similar styles had been worn before this date." from Wikepedia       The [...]

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    Tips for Taking Care of Crinolines

    Tips for Crinolines Care - How to Fold, Fluff and Store Net PetticoatsCrinolines are great for circle skirts but how do you take care of them ?  Storage - crinolines shouldn't be hung on hangers - they tend to lose their fluff.  Roll the crinoline into a bag or box that is roomy enough to accomodate it.  How to roll a [...]

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    Retro Fashion Silhouettes - From Fitted Pencil to Full Skirt Dresses

    Get the Silhouette!In every era, fashion has its own set of shapes, or silhouettes. From the fussy bustles of the Victorian era to the straight, modern lines of the art deco 1920s, silhouettes reflect the attitudes and aesthetics of their time.The 1950's saw an explosion of prosperity for the United States, and the dresses from [...]

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    Let's Get Ready for the Sock Hop !

    Going to a Sock Hop ?   Let's learn the dances, rock to the music and have some fun! Learn the Steps Slow Dancing 50's Style    ~    Fast Dancing 50's style Group Dances of the 50's   ~    Hand Jive  Instructions Get in the Mood Where the Doo Wop never stops -   DooWop Radio Show!  Listen to Top 100 songs classic songs from the 50's Word from [...]

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