5 Reasons to Wear a Cardigan

5 Reasons to Wear a Cardigan

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 27th Sep 2018

As the Fall weather is changing in NY I find myself digging out my favorite cardigans from the back of the closet .   I love the button up sweaters whether they are new or a vintage one I bought years ago.   My closet has a row of them in many colors to match my outfits. 

Here's some reasons I wear Cardigans:

1.  A cardigan helps me take my sleeveless tops into the Fall.  If it's cold in the morning I pop a cardigan over a summer top and then when the Fall weather decides it's hot in the afternoon I take the sweater off.

2. Cardigans are versatile.  They can look casual for work, then add a beautiful pin or scarf and you're ready to go out.

3. They can jazz your outfit up with a pop of color or blend in with a muted or neutral color. Mix and match - sweaters are fun to play with.

4. Cardigans are my favorite for traveling.  The thin ones fold or roll into a suitcase and can be used to layer and change up your outfit to give you different looks.

5. It's just so darn 1950s !  What says the 50s more than a cardigan over a peter pan collar blouse.  Add a sweater guard and I'm set for the day.  Oh, and I usually add a skirt and flats.  

Here's my favorite Yellow Cardigan from the 50's.  It brightens up my day !

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