Colorful Knit Tops - Take You from Winter into Spring

Colorful Knit Tops - Take You from Winter into Spring

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 26th Feb 2021

As the weather changes and we see the first hints of spring it's time to resort our wardrobe. Layering and versatile knit tops make the season transition easy.  The colors and vintage inspired details brighten any day and remind us to look forward to the sunshine. 

Add in a lovely detail: The hand embroidered flowers on this Red Knit Top reminds me of vintage earrings so I put them together for this photo.  The embroidered flowers are a cheerful detail that reminds me that gardens will soon bloom. 

Time to layer: When I don't know what the day will  bring I like to layer a cardigan over my top.  Then I use my imagination to mix and match accessories to make the look more romantic or more for the office.  I like the contrast collar on this Peter Pan Knit Top.  It look so good against the Pink Heart Sweater.

Go for solid colors: Solids make it easy to mix and match colors. And a bright yellow clears up a dull winter day.  This Gold Ruffle Top has red ruffle edges to set the color off.  I can see this with a black skirt with the red edge as a tiny pop of color. 

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