eBay Podcast - Am I Listing the Right Inventory?

eBay Podcast - Am I Listing the Right Inventory?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 21st Feb 2020

eBay does a lot of outreach and education for their Sellers.  One way is through regular podcasts that cover essential topics for small business owners whether they sell online or not. These can range from financial to your business organization to sourcing new inventory.  I was recently interviewed by Jim Griffith - Host of eBay For Business Podcast. The subject is "Am I Listing The Right Inventory?" and it is available online at www.ebay.com/podcast .  

In the podcast, Griff talks to several sellers about finding and deciding what inventory to sell.  He asks for tips about research, about fast sellers, and what to do with inventory that just won't sell. It was quite a fun experience.  I enjoyed preparing for the questions and asking myself - what are my methods for choosing inventory, deciding price, checking the competition, and dealing with extra inventory. It's a good way to review and when I listened to the other sellers, I learned. 

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