Four Reasons to Wear Vintage Style Fashion Gloves

Four Reasons to Wear Vintage Style Fashion Gloves

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 12th Feb 2021

Vintage Style Fashion Gloves are a charming add on to outfits. I associate them with vintage fashion, with women looking 'just so', and getting dressed to go out.  Gloves are a luxurious fashion item that's affordable and easy to wear so here's "4 Reasons I Wear Vintage Style Gloves." 

I love the  feel of a pair of fitted gloves in satin, lace, or sheer. Gloves are a pleasure to slip on.  They make my  hands feel slim and elegant. Fitted satin gloves just feel so good on my skin.

Gloves protect my hands and let me shop easily. I wear the thinner nylon gloves so I can pick things up and I especially use them when grocery shopping.  An extra bonus - my hands don't get as dried out when I wear gloves.  If the gloves get dirty I just put them on my hands, wash my hands in soap and water with the gloves on and then hang the gloves up to dry. 

I like to style my outfits with matching color gloves, purse, or hat. It's a such a pleasure to have a color coordinated outfit with everything just so.  Gloves come in a range of colors so it's easy to mix or match or have fun with some contrasting colors like red gloves with a black outfit. 

I feel dressed up when I slip on a pair of fancy gloves for church or that special occasion.  Sheer gloves with a design are an elegant touch and I like it if the gloves have an extra ruffle or two.  

How do you wear your gloves?  Are you an everyday wearer or just on special occasions or only in the cold weather.  I hope this blog has inspired you to see gloves in a new way and as a fashion accessory with possibilities :)


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