Get Retro Inspired for Halloween

Get Retro Inspired for Halloween

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 9th Oct 2019

I have to admit I'm a last minute Halloween Costume person.  I mean on the way to the party, put something on, and call it a look kind of person.  My place is full of fun stuff so I have an advantage.  I can grab a tiara and feather boa on the way out and maybe throw on some rhinestone jewelry.  But the one thing I can't do is buy a costume that I'll only wear once.  If it's cool, I want to mix it into my wardrobe and wear it again to an art opening or party.  Why save it just for Halloween?

That's our Halloween theme this year.  Create a Halloween Look that uses something you already have or get something that you can wear again after Halloween.  For example, take your little black dress - add pearls, a pillbox hat, gloves and you're a "Society Dame."  Be a "Polka Dotty"  with a polka dot top and headband.  Add a Stewardess Hat to a plain skirt and blouse and carry a basket full of packs of nuts. Come Fly with me !

It's all wearable and can be worn after the last mummy or vampire has left the party.  Plus you'll be comfortable and that what I want in a costume.  To look cool and be comfortable :)