Hearts & Roses - a Vintage Inspiration

Hearts & Roses - a Vintage Inspiration

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 22nd Nov 2017

Just got in a shipment of Black Velvet, Red Velvet, and Cherry Print Clutch Purses from Hearts & Roses. And boy, are they cute !  


  I first met H&R at a show at the Javits Center in NYC.  I was impressed by their line of vintage inspired dresses and skirts - very colorful with cute floral prints.   Then I found out about their new line of H&R Purses.   I thought - let's give it a try.  So, I started with their small clutch purses in velvet and cherry print.  It's a classic design with a built in handle.  The body of the clutch is sewn with pleats to give some extra room.  It's perfect for when you're going out and just want to carry a compact, lipstick, keys, wallet, and maybe a hankie. 

Keep your eye out for more purses from Hearts & Roses as we add more of their line for the Holiday Season.