How do You Dress for a Classic Car Show?

How do You Dress for a Classic Car Show?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 25th Jul 2019

What's the Story Morning Glory? How do you like to Mix and Match your outfit to your Classic Car?

Are you a perfectionist that gets just the right shade of turquoise to match the custom paint job or do you jazz it up in a tight pencil skirt and lean on the hood in pin up poses.  Either way most people do like to dress to match or compliment their classic car even if it's just a sheer scarf in a complimentary color. 

And of course a lot of Car Shows and 50s events have a Sock Hop or DJ spinning so you'll want to be dressed to show your best on the dance floor.  

Have fun dressing up and have a good time wherever you go this summer. has lots of ideas and inspiration whether you want to get a whole outfit or just add a pretty 50's inspired accessory.  

Just keep Rockin' the 50's !