How the Peter Pan Collar Got Its Name

How the Peter Pan Collar Got Its Name

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 4th Sep 2020

Did you ever wonder how the Peter Pan Collar got its name?  The Peter Pan Collar has been a fashion staple on dresses and blouses especially children's clothing since the early 1900's.  Everyone recognizes the look and its an interesting story about how the collar got its name. 

"A Peter Pan collar is a style of clothing collar, flat in design with rounded corners. It is named after the collar of Maude Adams's costume in her 1905 role as Peter Pan, although similar styles had been worn before this date." from Wikepedia.  The look was designed by John White Alexander and his wife in collaboration with Maude Adams for the 1905 production of Peter and Wendy in New York. The collar became a fashion success and became associated with the Peter Pan role. 

  Maude Adams as Peter Pan 

Through the years the Peter Pan Collar has shown up in children's clothing from the 20's through the 40's,  under 50's style cardigans, on 60's mod dresses,  and even in the punk school girl look.

This type of round collar is also called a Claudine Collar, named after the title character of Colette's 1900 novel Claudine √† l'√©cole, who was described as wearing it.  Other characters who have worn this type of collar are Little Lord Fauntleroy, introduced in 1885,  and Buster Brown in 1902, both of which inspired outfits based on their look.