How to Dress Vintage Style with "Fashion Forward"

How to Dress Vintage Style with "Fashion Forward"

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 23rd Feb 2018

I received a wonderful book recently called "Fashion Forward - Creating Your Look with the Best of Vintage Style"  The book is set up decade by decade with chapters such as "All Dolled Up - the 1920's to 1930's" and "Cool Cat - the 1940's to 1950's."  Each section includes a description of the decade's style and interesting historical information to place it within the context of the times.  Red lipstick was made popular by silent film stars who needed their features to show up in early films.  Hems became longer in the 20's as the nations mood became more somber.  Mary Quant introduced simple flared dresses of her own design in the early 60's when she sensed that young working women wanted a style that reflected their youth and relaxed lifestyle. 

 "Get the Look" is my favorite part of this book.  These sections give instructions on how to make the look for yourself.  Geared to a crafty young person, most of the projects are simple to produce with materials that might take some effort to find but encourages you to take the design idea and work it into a piece that you can wear.  Here's an example:  "Flower designs were everywhere in the 1960's"  You can add Flower Power to your wardrobe with flower appliques.  

Another example "Put It Together"  shows you how to work with items you might already have in your wardrobe and put them together in a way that reflects a vintage style.  Want the London Look?  A simple mini dress, make earrings out of colorful plastic, bright tights, large colorful sunglasses, chunky plastic purse, and of course add anything with a "Union Jack" flag.  Sounds easy.  "Fashion Forward" inspires, makes it doable, and makes it fun.

This book doesn't forget hair, makeup tips, and shoes to give a top to toe look at fashion fads and classics.  From "40's Swing Up Does"  to "Going 80's to the Max" you'll be able to find easy styling hair style ideas to complete your look. 

And the beautiful thing is you don't have to stick to one look.  "Fashion Forward"  inspires a mix and match style that I love.  Admire the slicked back look of the 20's?  Then combine it with some sparkle from the 80's section and make the look your own.  Or just add a vintage inspired accessory to freshen clothing already in your wardrobe.  After all Fashion Forward's tagline is "Creating Your Look with the Best of Vintage Style."