How to Research Vintage Jewelry Marks

How to Research Vintage Jewelry Marks

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 20th Dec 2018

Have you ever been curious to know what the maker marks on the your vintage jewelry mean ?  I often have to do research on pieces to help figure out who made it and when.  Some marks like Coro and Sarah Coventry are well known.  Lots of people have posted pictures of Coro and Sarah Coventry marks and the years they were used along with background information.  

A site that I use when I am not familiar with a makers mark is Heritage Auctions  . They have an extensive data base with clear pictures.  Another useful site is .  On this site you can search for a brand, see marks, and get background information about the company.  Super useful if you're writing a listing.  

Using Google image search works if you can get a clear picture of the mark on your jewelry  Drag your picture into the Google image search bar and Google will find pictures that are similar.  It's possible to find postings of the same mark or even the same piece of jewelry that way.  I use this method when I am really stumped.  

Hopefully this helps you in your quest to ID your jewelry or that new thrift store find :)



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