How to Tie A Vintage Scarf

How to Tie A Vintage Scarf

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 8th Nov 2017

Recently I was lucky enough to find a big box of vintage scarves.  As I sort through it, I've been busy researching and finding out more about the scarf brands such as Carole Little, Burmel, Honey, and Zazou.  These brands have been around for a long time and there is so much to learn !

One by one, I am photographing each scarf and listing them on our main site, on our Hey Viv on Ebay store and on our Vintage on Etsy Store . Most of the scarves are silk and have such lovely colors and designs.  (of course I want to keep each one ! )

Besides draping each scarf artistically around my neck I found myself wondering about different ways to tie them. If you are curious too here's some blogs with lovely pictures and step by step instructions on how to tie your vintage scarf.

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