Let's Get Ready for the Sock Hop !

Let's Get Ready for the Sock Hop !

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 8th Jul 2017

Going to a Sock Hop ?   Let's learn the dances, rock to the music and have some fun!


Learn the Steps

Slow Dancing 50's Style    ~    Fast Dancing 50's style

Group Dances of the 50's   ~    Hand Jive  Instructions


Get in the Mood

Where the Doo Wop never stops -   DooWop Radio Show

Listen to Top 100 songs classic songs from the 50's


Word from the Bird!

50s Slang- Here's how to talk that Jive


How to Look the Part

50's  Hairdos for women    

50's  Hair Styles for men


Let's Dance!  See How it's Done

Real  1950s Rock &Roll, Rockabilly dance from lindy hop !

How to Dance The Lindy Hop Basic how to lessons done slowly so you can follow along.