Prepping for a Pin Up Photo Shoot at the Paramount Theater

Prepping for a Pin Up Photo Shoot at the Paramount Theater

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 16th Jan 2018

I  was recently invited to provide the retro clothing and styling on a pinup photo shoot with photographer Christine Cruz, model Audrey Green Eyes, and hair stylist Fabiana of Fab Hair at the Paramount Theater in Staten Island.  The Theater opened in 1930 and was one of Staten Island’s grandest movie palace. It's constructed in the art deco style and even though it has been closed to the public for many years the Paramount still retains its magnificent interior and decorations. 

The Paramount Theater is quite open in the middle (no seats are left) so we had plenty of room to set up and work.

Photographer Christine Cruz took advantage of the shadows and limited lighting to create dramatic effects in the pictures. I asked Christine how she prepares for a photo shoot. "I get a feeling of anxiety before a shoot but then I picture myself in the shoot and think about how there’s no time to worry bout how I feel anymore. It’s time to create what I can with whatever is around me at the moment. Once I get started shooting I can't stop !" Besides her cameras with extra batteries and cards, Christine used a Soft Box Light, and a Round Reflector. This allowed her to move freely around the Paramount and shoot from a variety of angles.  Christine's energy and flexibility working on a location set made this shoot run smoothly from start to finish. 

This was my first time working with model, Audrey Green Eyes.  She has a sultry pin up look, perfect for retro style outfits.  Audrey came to the shoot with a selection of shoes in various colors, underclothing to fit any style including strapless and off the shoulder, her own clothing to mix and match with what I brought,  and her own makeup.  As we set up I asked Audrey how she prepares for a photo shoot. "Before a shoot I do my makeup.  It's my meditation time." 

I am so glad this prep is part of Audrey's routine because her makeup was flawless and perfect for the low light at the Paramount. I especially liked the look of the Victory Roll Hairdo created for Audrey by  Fabiana of Fab Hair Designs.  It looked perfect for the time period and could be styled to work with or without a Veiled Fascinator.  Audrey's dedication, patience, and endless optimism meant we got the best poses throughout the shoot.

See more behind the scenes photographs in our Facebook Album . You'll get a look at the interior of the Paramount Theater and see how our team worked together.  Special thank you to Peter Lisi of the Paramount Theater for his time and consideration. 

Pinup Photo Shoot at the Paramount Theater Photographer: Christine Cruz, Model: Audrey Arroyo - Audrey Green Eyes, Hair: Fabiana, Styling: Vivian Vassar of Hey Viv !

Photographer Christine Cruz

Model Audrey Green Eyes 

Hair by Fabiana

Styling by Vivian Vassar of Hey Viv !

Clothing  by Hey Viv ! Retro Clothing, Steady Clothing, Voodoo Vixen