Rhinestone Pins - Always a Vintage Favorite

Rhinestone Pins - Always a Vintage Favorite

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 13th Jun 2018

I've been really getting into rhinestones lately.  I think it started when I found a broken rhinestone pin and instead of tossing it I sewed it on a plain hat.  Then of course I had to wear the hat to show off the pin.  And, I had to find another rhinestone pin for my jacket to compliment the one on the hat.  Now, I find myself collecting them ! You know that when you have 2 or more of anything it's a collection right?

This week, I also just unearthed a box of rhinestone pins from storage that I bought waaay back and I've listed them in the store in a Rhinestone Pin Section.    The pins are new old store stock, in original packaging, and include rhinestone daisy pins, blossom pins, and pinwheel pins.  

And, of course I had to find more rhinestone pins to go with these ...  So, I added rhinestone initial pins to the store section.   Monograms and initials were so popular in the 50's.  They personalized your look and of course could be used to decorate anything from your blouse, purse, scarf, or jacket.  My Mom says these initial pins were very popular at her college and some women even used them to spell out a short message like 'FUN' or 'Hi'. 

The best part of pins is you can combine them, or wear just one. Mix and match pins and change it up again.   Have fun and get pinned at Hey Viv !