Rolling With Change~~ eBay Business Health Check In!!

Rolling With Change~~ eBay Business Health Check In!!

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 12th Jun 2020

The Greater NYC Area eBay eCommerce Sellers Meetup Group recently met by Zoom and the theme was  "Rolling With Change~~ eBay Business Health Check In."  Each member started with a quick business update  and then went on to talk about how they are adapting to a new business climate. It was good to hear encouraging stories about coping, strategies, and how creative use of inventory is helping us get by when business is slow. 

Here's a quick run down:

  • Be savy and saving. Watch all your expenses including shipping costs.  Take a look at different shipping services because the cost can vary.  It's important to stay up to date on what's offered and what it costs. Pennies saved on shipping add up.
  • Be creative with inventory.  When money is tight or warehouses are closed, use the internet to connect with new sources.  Try rebranding stale items and update titles, key words, prices,  and selling points. Sometimes a freshen up is enough to get a product selling. Bundling is another option we discussed - it makes a whole new product without the expense of buying more. 
  • eBay offers should be used even if it doesn't result in sales.  Sending offers to watchers creates action on the item and this helps with eBay search.
  • At this time when people are shopping for essentials test the waters to see if you can add products in the food, cleaning, and safety category.  But be careful you don't get too caught up.  You don't want to get stuck with unsold merchandise so check trending sales carefully.  Also keep in mind that people are shopping for entertainment.   You may be able to tweak listings to add humor, eye catching graphics, and fun elements.
  • International shipping is an issue during the pandemic slowdown but it should self correct in time.  eBay is offering International Standard Delivery as a safe option and it can be added to your shipping profile. 

This group covers a wide range of business types including collectibles, fashion, car parts, and retail arbitrage and that's what keeps it interesting. We each have our own challenges but we share the fact that we all sell online .  

Thanks to Kathy Terrill for running the group.  It's a great resource for ebay and online sellers.

The Greater NYC Area eBay eCommerce Sellers Meetup Group