So Many Colors - or - What's in a Name?

So Many Colors - or - What's in a Name?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 24th Jan 2019

The question is... do I pick a cool color name or just call it Pink ?  When I am writing listings it's a challenge to come up with enticing ways to describe a new garment.  Do I wax poetic about the shimmery color, let out all the stops on the cool rockabilly angle, or just state the facts?  It's a pink ribbed shirt. 

On the one hand I have to consider google search and key words.  You don't want to go too far out in the description or else you'll skip the key words.  And people do search with the words blouse, top, or shirt.  They don't usually search the more fanciful words like sweater girl or curled edges.  At the same time you want to appeal to the customers imagination and stand out in the crowd.  So, I may say " This fitted pink top will make you feel like a sweater girl."  It's a juggling act and I usually go over my text a couple of time to make sure I hit the right search words and add a bit  of sparkle to make it fun to read.

And Colors !  Don't get me started on colors.... is it blush, light pink, carnation, rosey, or salmon pink?  I am so tempted to use terms like fuchsia but no one knows how to spell it :)  

Here's the top I was trying to describe - check out the listing to see the final copy.