Sunglasses to Suit Your Sunny Mood

Sunglasses to Suit Your Sunny Mood

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 9th Jul 2020

I couldn't resist trying on a pair of pink sunglasses for fun - they go so well with my tropical flowers! This week, I worked on our Retro Sunglasses Section on the website as part of a project to go through all the product sections to update titles, check inventory, and make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. Luckily, the sunglasses are fun to look at - I love the bold colors and all the different shapes - so it made my job easier and of course led to me trying some pairs on :)

Don't you love having different pairs of sunglasses to go with your outfits, your moods, and how sunny it is outside?  I know I have pairs for everyday, for dress up, and for when I want to lift my mood.  Usually pink sunglasses make me happy, and black is for my more serious days. I can't resist ordering new styles for the website especially if they have a retro vibe.  

 I love how this pink pair is so classic Cat Eye but it also has the sleek look of the Jetson's.  It's the past and future all rolled into one (just in case you can't decide.) And of course when I saw these I had to get every color because you need every color to match all your outfits !

So, create a fashion flutter this summer, have fun with your sunglasses and wear bright colors to cheer everyone up :)