VFG Label Resource

VFG Label Resource

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 13th Sep 2018

Ever wonder when a piece of vintage clothing was made?   You search for clues in the fabric, the way it is sewn, and the shape of the garment. You also check the label and wonder who is this company on the label? Now, there's a place to do research and find out more about clothing companies and designers especially as they grow and change through the years.

The Vintage Fashion Guild "is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of vintage fashion. Founded in 2002 by a group of vintage sellers, it soon grew into a vintage-fashion knowledge base exceeding any other web-based resource. Our objective then became focused on collecting, organizing, and presenting that information."   

The VFG maintains the wonderful Label Resource.  Visit the Label Resource and search by name to see examples of labels through the years.  There's often background information about the companies along with a look at their fashion history.  I use this resource all the time to help date and learn more about my vintage clothing.  Hope you find it just as useful.

 “Information courtesy of The Vintage Fashion Guild”