Vintage Bracelets are Charming

Vintage Bracelets are Charming

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 7th Sep 2018

Ok, so that title is a bad pun.  But I really do love vintage bracelets and of course my favorites are Charm Bracelets.  It's hard not to keep them all  but I've bitten the bullet and listed some on eBay.   I also had fun with Instagram this week and created posts that featured bracelets like this Sarah Coventry Bicentennial Charm Bracelet.  Remember 1976 and all the hoopla ? It was Bicentennial Fever and everything was patriotic.  Only 8 more years til the next Anniversary America!

Another favorite of mine is anything Atomic 50's.  Splashes, starbursts, diamonds, boomerang shapes all say: "I am cool - Wear Me !" and so I do.  I particularly like thermoset plastic with bright colors and odd shapes.  I find lots on eBay so I buy sell and list my vintage jewelry there.  Come check it out :) 

side note - while I was writing this post this bracelet sold :)   Got to Love eBay ! 

"Vintage Charm for your Modern Style" at Hey Viv !