Vintage Shopping in Toronto Canada

Vintage Shopping in Toronto Canada

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 28th Jun 2019

Last week I was lucky to be in Toronto for a few days working on a show.  I only had one morning off to explore so I headed to the famous Kensington market area to see all the cool vintage stores.   Walking down Kensington Avenue I saw houses fashioned into businesses with shady front yards filled with clothing billowing in the breeze and the store in the house itself.  Strolling along to the sound of music and tinkling bells I enjoyed the beautiful sunny day and racks and racks of  brightly colored vintage blouses, long 80s dresses, colorful Tibetan clothing, and more cowboy boots than I have seen in my whole life.  

The Kensington market area is located in the heart of Toronto in a bustling, culturally diverse neighborhood that would take days to explore. It seemed like every yard and sidewalk  was used to show merchandise, set up cafe tables,  and give a place to musicians.

Some of the stores I visited include Courage My Love ,  Dancing Days and Urban CatwalkFashion Old and New, and Lost BoysVintage .  If I had to pick a favorite (so hard to do! ) I'd have to say Courage My Love.  It  was  cool, welcoming, and had an eclectic mix of vintage, retro, jewelry, and stuff !  I could get lost in it.

Want to know more about the vintage scene in Toronto ?  Check "Toronto's Best Vintage Clothing Stores" And if you go to check out the scene in Toronto tell them I'll be back .....