What Do You Carry in Your Purse?

What Do You Carry in Your Purse?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 22nd Mar 2019

"Every girl should carry a dime and a dollar on a date - a dime to call home or a dollar to take a taxi home."  So said my mother.  (I think she was thinking of a long, long time ago)

I've been listing some clutch purses this week and it got me to wondering about what fits in a small purse.  One of the Black Glitter bags is only 7" long and fits just right in your hand.  I'm thinking it will hold some keys, lipstick, small phone, credit card and some cash if you fit it in very carefully.  After all, do you need anything more on an evening out?  I remember dancing at clubs in the 80's with a teeny, tiny bag slung on my shoulder so I could keep my hands free.  And in that tiny bag there was always cash, keys, and lipstick (no cell phones back then) 

7" Black Glitter Clutch 

Our Colorful Glitter clutches are longer and open wider so you could add in a bit more like a small wallet. Or you can even tuck them into a bigger bag and pull it out just when you need it.  These bags are definitely party bags meant to look good and hold a few essentials.  Tucked under your arm for a classy look or use the chain to keep mobile.  The bags come in different colors to match your mood or outfit. 

So what do you carry in your bag when you go out for the evening?