What Makes an Outfit Finished ?

What Makes an Outfit Finished ?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 20th Feb 2019

As I was getting dressed for work today I looked in the mirror and tried to decide if I should wear one or two flower clips in my hair.  One clip looked lovely so wouldn't two flower clips look even better? How do you decide when you have enough on to make your outfit stand out but not so much that you look like a flea market (an actual thing my mother said to me one day) 

Coco Chanel said "“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”  I heed that advice because after all Chanel always looked impeccable.  And I do tend to pile on the accessories.  But then of course I can get stuck in an endless loop of trying to decide which one thing to take off.

For a business situation or meeting I usually keep my outfit simple and wear one stand out piece of jewelry like a brooch.  That way I feel like I made the effort and still look like me but people won't be distracted by my outfit. The focus should be on the people and the conversation. 

Now casual is another story and there I think that accessories make me feel like my outfit is put together.  I wear bead necklaces almost everyday.  I don't feel dressed without one.  And it's usually the last thing I put on so I know I am finished.  And then I add another necklace, and a pin, and a hat, and......