When Hearts Invade the Photo Studio

When Hearts Invade the Photo Studio

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 14th Feb 2018

I was in the photo studio today setting up for a product shoot with vintage jewelry that just came in.  I use a photo cube with side and top lighting for small items like jewelry.  The cube is easy to put up, take down, and is portable which is a plus.  So, I placed the vintage bead necklaces on the platform, inside the cube, and moved them around to show them to their best advantage.  Next thing you know, I am shaping them into hearts.   Then it hits me.  Today is Valentine's Day !  no wonder hearts are on my mind :)

So, do I keep going ?  Is every necklace going to be heart shaped ?  Or am I going a little crazy with the valentine theme.... 

Here's some examples of the fun I had with the necklaces.  Some beads flow right into a heart shape but others are a little harder.  No matter how I tried, I couldn't get the Victorian Jet Bead Necklace in the top right corner to lie straight.  It had a mind of it's own.  I'm going to use this heart theme again the next time I photograph necklaces.  They look cute.

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