Why are Berets so Cool !?

Why are Berets so Cool !?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 22nd Oct 2020

I love berets and as soon as it is cool out I pull out my stack of berets and put one on.  Berets are so easy to wear and I love that I can match or color coordinate them to my outfit because they come in so many colors. And they hide my dreadful hair days when my hair is frizzy, curly, and sticking out every which way. I just pull the beret down to cover or wear it at a jaunty angle.

Here's a few of my favorite beret looks and the people who wear them so well.

Dexies Midnight Runners - best berets in a video "C'mon Eileen"

Lauren Bacall - making berets sexy 

Hester Sunshine - Hands down the best berets ever!

This week, we are introducing some new beret styles trimmed with pearls and beads.Take a look and see if berets are for you :)