Why Having Your Roof Redone Unearths Treasures

Why Having Your Roof Redone Unearths Treasures

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 9th Jan 2019

Recently we had to have the roof on our building replaced over our office and storage space.  To prepare for the work we went through our store room, cleaned up, searched through boxes, and covered everything in plastic.  What a job!  I'm glad we did it - If you've had your roof redone you know it's a messy job and I wanted to protect my stock. 

There's another reason I am glad we took the time to go through and organize boxes.  We found a few things that I forgot we had including a box of belts that I have had for almost 30 years.  Should I try to sell it as a lot ?  Is there a need for belts separated from their dresses?  I kept hoping I'd find the matches but it's time to let go.

Another treasure I unearthed is a batch of Margaret O'Brien Hats by Cinderella.   I purchased several from Marino's Department Store on New Dorp Lane in Staten Island when they were closing after more than 40 years in business. These hats are new/old stock with the original attached tags.  They are so cute and I'm sure there's a market for them.  Any Margaret O'Brien collectors out there?

Roof work is almost done and it's time to clean up.  Who knows what other treasures we will find when we take down the plastic and put it all to rights.