Why I Shop Local (even though I own an eccommerce business)

Why I Shop Local (even though I own an eccommerce business)

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 8th Nov 2018

Ok, so why is this blog about shopping local when I own an eCommerce business?  Well, I appreciate the personal contact when I go to a local business or store (confession here - I still miss my brick and mortar store which I closed in 2000).  Often, you are talking to the owner who is behind the counter.  I also find unique items by going into small stores and browsing. And I want my neighborhood to have a diversity of businesses, not just box stores!  There is room for both online businesses and storefront businesses in our world.  But we must shop at and support the local businesses in our community to help them thrive ! 

Recently I became aware of an eBay program which is designed to help brick and mortar stores stay open and increase their sales by also selling online.  It's called "Always Open on eBay." and it is designed "to support our sellers who also own physical retail stores, helping them showcase their products, attract new customers, and grow their business. Participating retailers receive co-branded collateral for their physical space that promotes their eBay store, where their customers can shop at any time, and from anywhere."  Hopefully programs like this will help smaller retail stores increase their market shares while still serving the community. And the eBay community is very supportive so it's a good place to start selling online if you have a physical store. 

To show appreciation of my local businesses I posted three items on my Instagram feed this week to highlight the wonderful experiences I have had shopping small and local.


Coat from Lufu Vintage Clothing in Delhi, NY


Vintage Pin from Love Your Furniture Again in Staten Island, NY


Lavender Sachets from Willow & Birch Apothecary, Bloomville, NY