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Hey Viv ! on Shake Rattle Showtime


"Shake, Rattle Showtime" radio show with DJ Jim Parsons lets the good times roll with classic hits that make you want to swing and dance.  

Hey Viv  has joined with Shake Rattle Radio to put together a series of radio spots that highlight 50's songs and retro 50's fashions.  The Hey Viv ! fashion parade segments will air weekly along with informative "Stories Behind the Songs” and DJ Jim Parsons' interviews with writers and performers who created the hits of that era.  Float down memory lane and live the best musical fashion moments on "Shake Rattle Showtime" Radio. 

Shake Rattle Showtime is on the Air !

Shake Rattle Showtime airs weekly 
on radio stations
across Canada & the US 

Hey Viv ! on Shake Rattle Radio

"Life is but a dream sweetheart"