Scarf Set - Retro Diner - Black, Red and White Sheer Chiffon Fashion Scarves

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Hey Viv! Retro Diner Scarf Set
  • This set has 3 scarves, one black,  one red, one white
  • Sheer polyester  square   21" x 21" with hemmed edges
  • Comes wrapped in a Hey Viv ! pink plastic bag with ribbon tie


Grab a stool at the counter and order a Patty Melt for me ! This scarf set will bring back the good old diner days with its classic color set of sheer chiffon scarves in black, red and white. Wear them in your hair or around your neck to accent your outfit, or tie them onto your purse for a fancy flourish. Create a new look by twisting or braiding them together. Treat yourself or give them as a charming gift to someone stylish.

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