Laughing Lizards Appliques & Hey Viv ! Socks

Laughing Lizards Appliques & Hey Viv ! Socks

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 21st Nov 2018

Can we top Poodle Socks?   They are a best seller and we've been selling Poodle Socks for years.  We have them made in the US using socks and appliques  provided by US companies.  This is important to me, not only to support US companies but also I like to be able to pick up the phone and talk to them.  When problems arise (and believe it or not sock issues do happen) these companies know me, know my business, and work with me to solve any problems that arise.  

But I always thought there had to be more we could do with socks and appliques. 

Turns out there is.... I like working  with our US suppliers to develop new products.   One company I am especially thankful for is  Laughing Lizard Patches & Appliques, based in Riverside, California.  Their appliques are top quality, and long lasting.    Christine, the owner of Laughing Lizards, and I have worked together to expand beyond poodle socks and create themed socks using Laughing Lizards Appliques.  I value Christine's input and expertise and we are now working on headbands using Laughing Lizards Appliques - check out our first ones :)

Hearts, Music Notes, and Cherries are our best selling socks - you can check them out in this Week's Flash Sale running 11/20 to 11/27/18.  Buy 2 or more pairs and get 20% off.