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Hey Viv ! Interview on Type88 Radio with Dave Nudleman

Hey Viv ! Interview on Type88 Radio with Dave Nudleman

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 8th Mar 2024

Hey Viv ! Interview on Type88 Radio with Dave Nudleman

"What's the story behind Hey Viv?"  that's what Dave Nudleman (aka Dave Noodlez) asked me the other day when he interviewed me on his Type88 Radio show.  Dave is the owner of Stereotype Company and  collaborates with artists around the globe on clothing, art, accessories, events, and projects. He is a true supporter of local businesses.   His interviews on Type88 Radio are held at Maker Park Radio, Staten Island NYC's streaming community radio.  

When I stepped into the Maker Park Radio studio Dave was getting set up for the show, making sound adjustments, and testing the mics.  He put me at ease by playing music and let me get settled in.  It helped that we had talked before the show and Dave sent me a short questionnaire to collect talking points.  With his prompting I went through the story of how Hey Viv ! began and how the business has changed through the years.  We also talked about the reality of running a small business and exchanged tips on organization and time management.  I enjoyed the chance to step back during the interview and take a fresh look at my business.  Explaining to Dave what kept me motivated made me realize how much I enjoy what I do.  Yes, it's a lot of work but I get to handle amazing vintage clothing, talk to cool people, and work for myself.  

Thanks Dave for having me on the show.  I enjoyed the Type88 Radio experience.

Here's a short clip from the interview