3 Favorite Styles of Vintage Pins

3 Favorite Styles of Vintage Pins

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 19th Oct 2021

Vintage Pins have been on my mind lately.  And I have been listing a lot on and on eBay.  

I have quite a pin or brooch collection and I love to wear them on a blouse, jacket or hat.   Vintage Pins also look good on headbands.  Sometimes I add a pin and a flower to my headband - it almost looks like a hat and the nice thing is I can change it at will.  

My favorite pins are ones that are tiny objects like this Vintage Clock Pin. They are unique and I always get comments when I wear one.  They tend to be detailed and fun to look at.

I also enjoy seasonal pins like this Vintage Spider Web Pin - perfect for Halloween or any time really.  It's a spider but it's on a pin - so you are safe :)

And finally, I love animal pins.  This Vintage Jelly Belly Swan Pin is a classic.  On these pins the body of the swan (or animal)  has a different material and was made with a variety of inserts using real stones, thermoplastic, glass or rhinestones.  I like to put these types of pins on a collar because they tend to be small and I want my pin to be seen.

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