Beads & Necklaces - the Finishing Touch

Beads & Necklaces - the Finishing Touch

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 10th May 2018

I always feel dressed and ready for anything when I put a pretty necklace on.  At the office, in my daily life, dressed up to go out, I am known for wearing a beaded or ornate necklace.  Right now, I have rhinestones on and I am sitting here working my computer.  Who knows who might stop by so I want to be ready !

In the photo studio this week, I tried out my new light box and took photos of some beaded and rhinestone necklaces that just came in.  The lighting inside the box is bright and even so I don't have to do a lot of moving around to get rid of shadows - get in and get the shot. And I love the white interior.

After editing the pictures I listed the necklaces on .  It's easier to list necklaces that I have multiples of but once in awhile I take the time to do some one of a kind vintage pieces, after all that's what I love and how I got started so many years ago.  I really like this classic Monet Choker Necklace.  It's a  simple design, just loops of silver metal in kind of a chunky style, yet it is flexible and graceful.  

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