Closet Cleanse Inspired by Janet Valenza of Go Go Gracious

Closet Cleanse Inspired by Janet Valenza of Go Go Gracious

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 30th Dec 2022

I recently saw a post by Janet Valenza of Go Go Gracious that inspired me to take a good hard look at my closet.  Clothes are so much fun and I have so much of everything - hats, sweaters, dresses, shirts, and fancy robes.  Do I wear all of it? Weeeelll, not exactly.  I do have costumes that only come out when I'm in a show or going to a special event. And there are garments in my closet that are waiting for that particular 'I'm going to a themed party and need to dress all in yellow with a giant rose hat' occasion.

But can I trim it down and donate some? Yes, of course.  It just takes time and inspiration.  That's where Janet comes in.  Janet says: " I help dynamic women frustrated with fashion look great in less time." And part of that process is to look at wardrobes, help with winnowing out, and making sure her clients have the pieces they need to look their best.

Take a look at this chart that Janet recently posted - it's a step by step flow chart for a closet cleanse.

If this chart makes your head spin, Janet can help. "Begin with what's working first. It's natural to know what you feel great in and wear a lot. Build from there and then decide what can go."  Learn more about Go Go Gracious at

Let's start the New Years right with a closet check and make room for all our new purchases in 2023!