Halloween Inspiration

Halloween Inspiration

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 18th Oct 2018

How do you get your ideas for costumes for Halloween?  Some people know what they want to dress up like and then go about getting the pieces they need to create their look.  I usually start with one thing, a dress, a hat, or accessory and then go from there.  I add what looks good and then decide at the end what the costume is.  Halloween costume planning backwards.  

Our website is full of items that can be put together to create a look for Halloween.   Swing Circle Skirts for a dancing good time, Pencil Skirts for that sexy secretary, Peter Pan Blouses for a sweet school girl, Pill Box Hats for Jackie O, Gloves for the church lady, and Scarves of every color, and more.  Just find a piece you like, add on, combine with something from your closet and have fun ! 

When you've got your outfit together please post it on Instagram and tag @heyvivretro .  I'd love to see how you look!