How to Get the Best Fit in a Pencil Skirt

How to Get the Best Fit in a Pencil Skirt

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 14th Dec 2018

"Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes" Cushnie et Ochs

Bring on the Pencil Skirt ! Show your confidence and shape with a pencil skirt - they come in so many shapes, sizes, and fabrics from form fitting to form shaping.  The key is to find one that suits you and fits you.  Because if it fits right you will look great. 

Check for darts in the back of the skirt going from the waist down.   This is what shapes the skirt.  The darts should curve with you to keep the skirt close to your body.   Or if you want a pencil skirt that isn't quite as fitted look for darts that shape the skirt but don't go as far down as curving around your derriere.  The shorter  darts will keep the skirt fitted but not as closely. 

Is the fabric stretchy or not? (it has to have a bit of stretch or it will be too hard to fit)  If the fabric is stretchy then look for a size that fits you closely and the skirt will move as you move.  If the fabric has 'body' but not much stretch then the silhouette will be sleek but not body con close.  And it may be harder to sit and move.  

Speaking of sitting down, pencil skirts are known for looking great as you stand, walk, and move but a challenge when you want to sit.  Check if the skirt has a slit to make it easier to sit. But not too long or you're showing more than you planned. 3 to 4 inches should work.   Also, look for a skirt that is knee length or a bit longer.  This gives you extra fabric to hitch up when you bend and sit.  

Have fun as you shop for the right pencil skirt for your shape and style.  Questions?  let me know