How to Have Fun Writing About Vintage Jewelry

How to Have Fun Writing About Vintage Jewelry

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 4th Aug 2020

It's hard to be clever, spontaneous, and expressive at the drop of a hat.  But that's what you have to be when you write listings for eCommerce sites.  It's boring if the listings all sound the same and you won't get as many sales.  Yet, you can't go on free form fights of fancy because you have to get the key words, measurements, and details in the listing and you have to be accurate.

I think there's a middle ground and I started experimenting recently on the listings for our vintage pins. It helps keep me interested and engaged if I use my imagination.   So, I add a line of text on the pictures, maybe a colorful bit of clip art, or a funny suggestion about the pin.  Hopefully it draws attention to my listing, maybe someone with a similar sense of humor will like my new approach.  


Hippy Happy Vintage Flower Pin             Vintage Rainbow Bird Pin - Love Those Colors

Want to see my favorite one so far?  

It's one of the first ones I did. Those little green cat heads made me think of little green men from Mars. 

Green Cat Stud Earrings - Possibly from Outer Space

Click on any of the pictures above and it will bring you right to the listing. Here's a link to the Fun Vintage Jewelry section on so you can see all of them.  Hope you enjoy them and that they make you happy too :)