Sunglasses Make Me Feel Cool !

Sunglasses Make Me Feel Cool !

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 4th Apr 2019

Every time I put on a pair of shades I feel like I'm becoming a different person.  Why is that sunglasses have that affect? 

First, I think it's that feeling we have that sunglasses are cool - so when we slip on a pair it becomes a reality.  Just look at the Blue Brothers.  So cool, they don't even have to smile.  Do I look that confident when I don a pair of RayBan shades?  I try, I try....

Retro Sunglasses are great for hiding in plain sight.  When I want to go out and want to be by myself I put on a pair of shades, the darker the lens the better.  I feel like it's a barrier against the world that I can put on or take off at will.  I can pretend I am a Hollywood star avoiding the Paparazzi or an incognito spy.  

 And there's those times that I feel like a bright pair of frames makes my mood brighter and lighter.  I want to be seen and noticed.  That's when I pull out my boldest color glasses and have some fun with my look. Could be Cat Eyes or even Hearts. 

ok, that's not me by the way.   That's Christina Aguilera looking way cool in Heart Shaped Glasses

How do Sunglasses make you feel?