Vintage Dress Auction at Hey Viv !  on eBay

Vintage Dress Auction at Hey Viv ! on eBay

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 17th May 2018

I'm doing a Vintage Dress Auction on eBay and it's like the early days all over again.  I started out selling vintage clothing on eBay in 1999.  At that time everything I listed was an auction and I remember having to keep track of the listings, relisting, watching items, and lots of editing as we all figured out how eBay worked and best practices.  Over time eBay became more automated and I began to use "Best Offer"  instead of auctions.  Well, this week I took a look at my vintage listings and figured I would try auctions again.  Time to shake things up !

What a difference.  With a couple of clicks I put all the vintage dresses on 7 day auction and sat back to wait.  It's all over on Monday 5/21/18 so take a look.  We've got 50s shirtwaist dresses, 60s sleeveless sheaths, 70s poly disco, and crazy 80s print dresses.  We'll see how this one goes, and who knows I may do an auction again.