What to do with One of a Pair

What to do with One of a Pair

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 7th Feb 2019

With Valentine's Day coming 'pairs' have been on my mind.  And today I was looking for pictures of items in pairs to add to my pinterest board "The Best Things Come in Pairs" .  Of course I added earrings, socks, and gloves.  They naturally come in pairs.  And there's vintage jewelry sets, clip on earrings, matching pins, and pearl sets.

But what happens if you lose one of the "pair" ?  I've got a drawer full of single earrings, gloves that have lost their mate, and socks that somehow became singletons. (It's the dryer, I know it is ! )  Do you throw them out?  Or get creative...

So, I googled "what to do with one sock" and found videos and articles devoted to helping you cope with single socks.  Ideas range from using them for cleaning to making bird feeders to creating coffee cup cozies.  Try 30 Brilliantly Frugal Ways To Use Old Mismatched Socks  to see goofy and smart ways to use those socks !  Of course, you can do what I do and wear mismatched socks. 

Earrings? Only got one ? This Wiki Article has some ideas How to Reuse a Lone Earring using arts and crafts and a little ingenuity.  I like the idea of turning your earrings into a magnet - it's pretty and useful too.  Or putting two different earrings together to create a new pair.

Gloves are always being misplaced, especially in the winter. And if you shop vintage you are familiar with the boxes of gloves looking for a mate.  You may even have a box of those yourself.   I turned to pinterest for ideas on this one.  Clothing - Gloves - Upcycle Reuse Recycle Repurpose DIY There's some clever ideas including using single gloves for display, or as planters.  I use them to store vintage jewelry in when I don't want the pieces to get knocked around in my jewelry box. I hate to throw out a  nice glove especially if it has embroidery or decoration.

Whether it's two of a kind. or two of a pair or your own pair. Have fun putting it all together !