Workspace Clean Up with Denise of Breuckelen Cleaning Solutions

Workspace Clean Up with Denise of Breuckelen Cleaning Solutions

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 11th Jan 2023

What's better than finding  a treasure trove of vintage clothing?  A clean organized work space to lay it all out to admire, process, and then store it!  I recently had the pleasure of working with Denise Bogan of Breuckelen Cleaning Solutions to get my work room back in shape.  Years of buying and neglected good intentions meant that I had a lot of piled up, mostly marked boxes, and many mystery boxes.  Plus, I wasn't using the space effectively and had very little room to move around.  It was very stressful and slowed down my work process. 

As part of the consultation Denise asked questions about my stock, my work flow, and took a good look around.  With her help I sorted and labeled using bins with lids, cleaned off my shelves, and organized areas by usage.  Denise also put up an extra shelf system that made better use of the space.  Now my room is cleaner,  I can see my floor, I know exactly what's in each box, and I even made up several bags to recycle or donate.  Work is quicker too - I can move around freely and I don't waste time searching and wondering where I put things. 


Overall, it was a very satisfactory experience working with Breuckelen Cleaning Solutions.  Denise showed up right on time with supplies and energy to get the job done!