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Pill Box Hats and Gloves Go Together

Pill Box Hats and Gloves Go Together

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 20th Jun 2024

Some things go together like a little black dress with pearls or a cardigan with a sweater clip.  Over time, I have noticed that my customers have been buying pairs of Gloves  along with their Pill Box Hats in the same order. It's a natural fashion pairing so I decided to experiment and create a listing that sells Pill Box Hats and Gloves together.  (I made it white gloves in the listing because that's the best selling color.) I know, I know, you can buy them separately but I thought this might be easier.  If this works then I'll expand to offer gloves with the other hat styles. 


Let me know if you have any suggestions for items that we should sell or sell together.  I am always looking for new ideas. My email is  

And, if you are ever in doubt as to when a Lady wears gloves here's some advice from Paris Gloves in the 1950's.  "Gloves should be worn on the streets of cities and large towns, when going to church, to a luncheon, dinner or reception; to a dance, a wedding or an official function."  So get your gloves ready to go out !  You'll need them in every color to match your outfits.

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