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What's in Your Purse ?

What's in Your Purse ?

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 14th Mar 2018

We all love our purses and hate when the stuff we carry falls to the bottom and we have to fish around for our keys, pens, tissues, or lipstick.  Sometimes I think it's better to carry a small purse, that way I have to edit what I carry, especially if I'm going out for the evening. Lots of inside sections and pockets just encourages me to stuff the purse full. And makes it heavier.    So it comes down to.... what do I really need to carry with me?  Keys, lipstick, mad money, and my ID.  That's the basics for my going out /  evening purse. 

I am always curious about what people carry in their bags.  Sometimes when I buy a  vintage purse I get a glimpse into the former owner's life.  I open it up and look inside to see what's been left behind.   I've found plastic combs (for that quick brush up), rain bonnets, matchbooks with phone numbers (wonder if she ever gave that guy a call ?), dry cleaning receipts, perfume and lipstick samples, swizzle sticks, pens, pens, and more pens. My favorite old purse find is when I open a just purchased vintage purse and discover a beautiful handkerchief tucked inside - now that's a pleasure. 

Do you give much thought to how you pack your purse?  Do you carry the basics or are you a "I got to have it all with me at all times" kind of gal. 


Remember, purses are like friends you can never have too many ! lol