How Red Set the Scene at the Amendment 18 Photo Shoot

How Red Set the Scene at the Amendment 18 Photo Shoot

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 6th Feb 2018

When setting up for a photo shoot outside the photo studio and choosing the clothing to bring I have to consider the place where we are shooting, the atmosphere, the lighting, and the background.  Amendment 18 is a basement club set up like a 20's speakeasy.  It has low intimate lighting and the colors are subdued warm wood tones with black and white accents.  It looks and feels like you have stepped right back into the 1920's.  So, keeping this in mind, I chose clothing in greys, black, white, dark blue, and maroon because we had talked about doing this as black and white photos.  To be safe, I added a few pieces in bright red for a pop of color in case we needed it.

Turned out that in every picture we added a splash of red whether it was a fascinator hat, or a red sweater top. When shot against a stone wall with a smoky atmosphere the red fascinator draws your eye and frames the model's face.  I love the golden sepia tones Jeff Mason, the photographer, highlighted in the background. It gives it an antique look that goes with the theme and the mood and makes Nancy glow.


The red sweater top Nancy is wearing in the scene shot at the club's front door adds to the flirty look and entices you in. The red and the white polka dots pop against the muted gold, green, and brick colors of the entrance.  She's entering from street into an unknown world behind the ornate door and she wants to make sure her fellow is following. Are they going to have fun ?  You bet !  


I enjoyed the challenge of putting together the wardrobe selection for this photo shoot.  Experience usually guides me, plus talking to the photographer about their vision.  One thing I have learned is that it's a good idea to throw that wild card piece in - a pair of orange gloves, a red veil, a funky belt.  Sometimes those touches of color become the highlight of the shoot. 

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*Photography by Jeff Mason
*Styling and Clothing by Hey Viv ! Retro Clothing
*Location - Amendment 18 Bar & Grill


Leanne Surace
Nancy Corrigan
Vincent Vok