How to Refresh Vintage Hat Veils

How to Refresh Vintage Hat Veils

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 31st Aug 2023

I love a vintage hat with a veil.  I especially like the veil hats that are simply veil with a bit of a bow or flower.  Those look great arranged atop my hairdo and pinned in place with a flower.  Sometimes when I find a new veil hat or unpack one that's been in storage I find the veil is wrinkled and needs to be freshened up. The fix is fairly simple - I use a tea kettle or a steamer.  But recently I came across Emily's Vintage Visions Blog and she has an informative entry about steaming veils and fabric flowers along with clear pictures and instructions.  I like her use of a steam iron - I'm going to try that. 

See what a fashion expert has to say and Click on this link  How to Refresh Vintage Hats/Veils by Emily's Vintage Visions  Hope you find it as helpful as I did. 

Emily also made this video: