How to Transform Your Look  with a Simple Chiffon Scarf

How to Transform Your Look with a Simple Chiffon Scarf

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 7th Jul 2023

Want to add a dash of color and transform your outfit? It's easy with a solid color, versatile sheer chiffon scarf - they come in so many colors to match or contrast.   We know scarves look great worn on a ponytail or as neck scarf but with a little imagination they can be so much more. 

Here's some ways to use and wear Chiffon Scarves to transform your look:

Add a Chiffon Scarf as an Accent:

  • Tie a chiffon scarf to your purse handle for a pop of color. 
  • Twist together  2 scarves in different colors and tie as a headband.  You'll get a contrast of color in the head band and the bow.
  • Tie a chiffon scarf on your hair then add a hat for an interesting change up. Or tie the scarf around the hat.  It's easy to change the color to coordinate with your outfit.

Practical Uses for Chiffon Scarves:

  • Bad hair day?  a chiffon scarf makes a colorful and easy coverup. 
  • Tie one or two chiffon scarves around your neck and pull the long ends around to the front to help cover up a low neckline
  • Drape a scarf over a lampshade to add atmosphere
  • Wrap a gift in a scarf and add a bow - you get a pretty package and an extra gift for the recipient :)

Have you found a new fun way to use a chiffon scarf?  Let me know