Researching Vintage Clothing Labels

Researching Vintage Clothing Labels

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 6th Aug 2021

I've been listing vintage tops and blouses this week and wanted to share one of my favorite information sources.  The Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource is an invaluable place to look up vintage (not new) companies and brands.  It's arranged alphabetically by name and each page has information and history about the clothing company plus pictures of their clothing labels with approximate dates when they were in use.  

For example,  I have a dress made from Hilo Hattie with this label:

Through the Vintage Fashion Guild Resource I looked up the company and found:  "Hilo Hattie was founded in 1962 as Kaluna Hawaii Sportswear. The founder, Jim Romig, marketed his product to tourists, whom he had shuttled to his manufacturing center. He also opened shops in the major resorts to sell his Hawaiian themed clothing."

I also found a picture of the same label I had and found that the dress was probably made in the early 2000's.

If you have vintage clothing and want to learn more - try looking up the company and the label at the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource.     It's a handy resource for vintage collectors. 

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