Taking a Fresh Look at Chiffon Scarves

Taking a Fresh Look at Chiffon Scarves

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 7th Jan 2022

It's time to take a fresh look at one of our best sellers - the Chiffon Scarf.  I've been selling them for over 30 years and I know people use them as head scarves, on their ponytail, and as neck scarves. I always bring a bunch to photo shoots - they come in very handy and can be used to add an accent to the looks we are shooting.  My customers have mentioned how they creatively use the sheer scarves so I thought I'd post a list of the best ones.

Here's a list of ways to add a little charm with a sheer chiffon scarf. 

  • As a purse accent:  tie one on the handle and coordinate or contrast the colors to your outfit. 
  • Wrap a present: I recently started to wrap small presents using a chiffon scarf with a nice ribbon.  It's very pretty and the recipient get to keep the scarf :)
  • Flutter goodbye to a loved one: picture this, you're going on a cruise or train trip, wave goodbye with your pretty scarf.  
  • Keep a Chiffon Scarf in your purse.  You never know when you might have to pull the top down on your convertible. 
  • Drape over a lampshade to create a soft diffused light
  • Twine 2 or more different colors together and tie the scarf as headband or neck scarf. 
  • Wear the team colors and show support 
  • Tie one at your belt for a splash of soft color against your skirt.

How have you worn a Chiffon Scarf from Hey Viv ! I'd love to see a picture :) 

Chiffon Scarves - so useful - keep one in your purse - just in case....