Tips for Taking Care of Crinolines

Tips for Taking Care of Crinolines

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 19th Sep 2017

Tips for Crinolines Care - How to Fold, Fluff and Store Net Petticoats

Crinolines are great for circle skirts but how do you take care of them ?

  •  Storage - crinolines shouldn't be hung on hangers - they tend to lose their fluff.  Roll the crinoline into a bag or box that is roomy enough to accomodate it.
  •  How to roll a crinoline - here's the method we use.  Stand holding the crinoline in front of you with the waistband at chin height and the crinoline hanging down.  Tuck the waistband under your chin and use your arms to gently fold the crinoline from the sides into the center so that you end up with a long, vertical tube. Gently press the air out as you do this.  Now start rolling from the bottom up, again gently press air out. Once you've rolled to the top you'll have the waistband section to make a neat wrap around for the net.  When you need it again you'll have the waistband to hold onto as you unroll the crinoline.
  • Getting the Fluff back - We've found the best method is to steam and fluff the crinoline.  If you don't have a steamer, try popping it into a dryer on fluff cycle for a few minutes. Gently pull and shape the crinoline.