Vintage Summer Skirts at Hey Viv !

Vintage Summer Skirts at Hey Viv !

Posted by Vivian Vassar on 6th Jul 2022

I love a lightweight skirt in Summer.  It's easier to change up my look with a skirt - I just add a new top or experiment with a shrug or light wrap.  Don't get me wrong, I love summer dresses too but right now I am living in skirts. Can I ever have too many?  Don't think so :)

I recently got in the photo studio, took pictures, and listed some vintage 80s skirts.  They are my favorite because they are often Rayon and the colors are bright.  The 80's were all about the pop of color. These skirts also often have elastic waists which make them easier to fit. Check out the selection at our Hey Viv ! Vintage Store on Ebay.  

And keep your eyes open for more skirts to come  at Hey Viv ! Vintage Clothing on eBay